Friday, 3 December 2010

The Chinese Pot Calling Kettle Black--五十步笑百步

Mencius said to King Hui, "Let's use fighting of a battle as an example. After a fierce engagement, the soldiers threw down their armament and retreated. 

Some soldiers retreated 50 paces; other 100 paces. Those retreating 50 paces laughed at those who retreated 100 paces. What do you say?"

The King replied, "No. Even if one does not retreat 100 paces, it is retreating nevertheless."

梁惠王曰:“寡人之于国也,尽心焉耳矣!河内凶,则移其民于河东,移其粟于河内;河东凶亦然。察邻国之政,无如寡人之用心者; 邻国之民不加少,寡人之民不加多:何也?”



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