Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Henpecked Men Jokes

My Own Grape frame Is falling Down

A government official asked his attendant how he got the scratches on his face. The embarrassed attendant said, "Last night, when I was walking in the yard, a grape frame fell on me and scratched my face."
The official declared: "It must be your wife who did this. Have her brought here right now."
But the official's own wife happen to overhear this, she stormed into the office. The terrified magistrate official shouted, "You may go now. My own grape frame is falling down!”

Till Death Do We Part

Many henpecked men were in a meeting to discuss how to regain their dignity.
A bachelor prankster wanted to make a joke on them. He walked into their midst and said, "Your wives heard of this gathering and are all on their way here to deal with you."
All but one dashed out the door with great panic.
"He’s the only one with courage to stand up to his wife!" the bachelor exclaimed. But closer examination revealed he'd died of fright.

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