Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My Daughter Jokes

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My one-and-half year old daughter and I were watching TV together with a bag of chips in her hand. Attracted by the show, I didn't pay attention to her until I realized every chip that I put in my mouth taste damp and noncrisp. I turned to my daughter, seeing her take out chips, lick them around, and put them back.


My three-year-old daughter and I were waiting at a counter in the supermarket. A girl at the next counter which was closed was carefully counting a pile of coins. When she had done half of them, my daughter who saw a kid playing a toy duck began to sing: “We have a flock of little ducks, let's count them, one, two, three.....”. The girl threw the coins back into the register and counted them all over again.


China now still practices strict rules to protect its people from all “indecent” media products. One day, my daughter asked me to allow her to watch an American love movie on TV which was classified M. I said no and told her the movie contained some scenes unsuitable for children. To my surprise, the seven-year-old said:" Don't worry mum. It is on government channel, they cut out all nudity scenes any way."

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