Sunday, 14 November 2010

This Place No Silver Three Hundred Money,Ci Di Wu Yin San Bai Liang

The Chinese of this Chinese Story "This Place No Silver Three Hundred Money,Ci Di Wu Yin San Bai Liang" is  此地无银三百两, Pin Yin(拼音) cǐ dì wú yín sān bǎi liǎng.

Once upon a time, there was a man called Zhang San who had accumulated three hundred pieces of silver after a year of hard work.  

He was worried that his money would be stolen,  so he put it in a wooden box and buried it in his back yard at the corner of his house. This did not completely ease his mind,  so he posted a note on the wall saying:  "Three hundred pieces of silver are not buried here."

His neighbour,  Wang Er, had noticed the activity in the yard.  At midnight he took all the silver.  In order to deceive Zhang San,  he added a note to the one on the wall saying: "Your neighbour, Wang Er,  did not steal the money."

Chinese idiom: 此地无银三百两  (cǐdì wú yín sānbǎi liǎng - literally "this place no silver three hundred money")  Three hundred pieces of Silver aren't buried here.

Meaning: A clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure.

Note:  This idiom is very unusual in that it is seven characters.  Chinese idioms are almost always four characters.

(cǐdì wú yín sānbǎi liǎng -This Place No Silver Three Hundred Money)

古时候,一个叫张三的人,一年辛辛苦苦到头,积攒下三百两银子。  他怕被别人偷去, 就找来一只木箱, 把银子放在里面, 然后连夜在房后的墙角下挖了一个坑, 把银子埋在了那里。

可是,他还是不放心, 就写了一张 “此地无银三百两” 的纸条, 贴在墙角。  他的举动被邻居王二 看到了。 半夜, 王二把三百两银子全偷走了。  为了掩人耳目,王二在纸上写了“隔壁王二不曾偷” 七个字,也贴在了墙角下。

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