Sunday, 21 August 2016

Hang Yourself Up

Long time ago, there lived several young ruffians in a small town who often got themselves drunk and then roamed the streets looking for trouble.
One evening, they were drunk again and walked into the cemetery in a woods where they laughed and sang loudly without scruple. Suddenly, they saw a young lady in white walk out of the shadows of the trees, riding on a donkey.
As she was approaching, they recognized her as the wife of the town schoolmaster, but they were too drunk that they all forgot that she had already died seven days ago.
One of them said to the others, "Hi bros, I can make her smile at me." (In ancient China, it was very inappropriate for a lady to smile at a man who was not a close family member.)
"You cannot." his friends said, laughing amorously. So a supper was at once staked by both sides on the result. The young fellow then ran out in front of the donkey, and kept on shouting “I’m going to die I’m going to die “, at the same time attaching his own waistband to a twig of a tree, and, tying the waistband round his neck, made a pretense of hanging himself.
His stupid prank did make the young lady laugh as she passed by, to the great amusement of the assembled company; but as when she was already some distance off the young fellow did not move, the others laughed louder than ever. However, on going up to him they saw that his tongue protruded, and that his eyes were glazed. He was, actually, quite dead.
When the rest ruffians threw their eyes in the direction of the young lady going, there was nothing but the faint moonlight.

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