Monday, 3 October 2016

Chinese Joke--Cann't Wait To Marry You

Once upon a time, there were two rich men who were good friends. One year, their wifes were both pregnant.

The two would-be fathers made an agreement that their babies would be engaged as long as they were a boy and a girl, and their wish came true.

However, when the two babies grew up, the boy's family broke. The father of the girl regretted and tried to back out of the engagement, which of course was declined by the furious boy.

When the wedding day came, the groom who knew the father of his bride would not let him take her away dashed into his bride's house with the help of his relatives.

As he searched a lady's room, he saw a pretty girl sewing on the bed.

He did not know she was not his bride but her younger sister, so he carried her on his back in no time and run away.

On his way out, the families of the girl cried:" Stop, you are taking the wrong girl."

The girl on his back, hearing this, urge the groom: " I'm just your bride. Hurry up. Don't be cheated by them."

Background And Comment:

You may think this joke is not funny at all. You are right. This joke is from a very old Chinese joke collection book--"The House Of Laughter(笑府)", in whose time marriage was something that a girl should not talk about, not to mention running away with a boy.

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