Sunday, 17 October 2010

Chinese Joke——Can't Wait To Marry You

Dong Yong was a dutiful son in the Chinese Han dynasty. Legend has it:

Since his family was very poor, when his father died, he promised himself as security to borrow money to bury him. Then he went to work for the lender to pay back the debt.

One day, a lady flew down from the sky, asking to be his wife. The lady was pretty and excellent at weaving. She wove for a month to produce 300 bolts of silk which paid off all debts of her husband. So his master set him free.

On their home, the lady told Dong Yong that she was the weaving fairy, and was sent to the Earth to help him by the Heavenly Emperor moved by his filial deed; now that her duty was done, it was time time for her to go back to the Heaven. After saying this, she vanished.

This is a famous story recorded in 24 Filial Exemplars, but some made a joke out of it to make fun of those ladies who cannot wait to get married.

Hearing the news that the weaving fairy was going to the Earth to marry Dong Yong, all other fairies came to see her off.

After lots of warm parting words, all fairies quieted down. A fairy, a leader of others, said to the weaving fairy in earnest: " Sister, if you find any other dutiful son, please make sure to give us a message. "

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