Monday, 18 October 2010

Chinese Joke——Can't Wait To Marry You

In ancient China, most of marriages are arranged, in which the bride and groom normally did not have chance to see each other until the wedding day.

What marriage meant to young ladies was being far away from their parents and home and living with a stranger for the rest of their life. Thus, crying on their wedding day was normal for brides.

Besides, in some places, crying was thought of as a way to show the brides' love to their parents. As a result, brides had to cry when were escorted to their grooms' home. This joke is just about a crying bride who is keen to get married.

Long time ago, there was a bride who was crying as she was being escorted to her groom's home. Because girls had to cry on their wedding day according to the local custom, no one took it seriously.

However, on the half way, the bride cried so bitterly in the sedan chair that the bearers began to feel sorry for her. They stopped and said: " Miss, if you really don't want to marry the groom, we can take you back home. "

The crying stopped instantly. " No, No. Keep going! I don't cry any more. " the girl said.

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